6-week course

-Next ONLINE Session Starts: Wednesday JANUARY 6, 2016
-Maximum: 8 students
-AGES: 7-11
-DAY/TIME:   TBD 2 hours
                        6-week Course
-MATERIALS:  Paper & pencils or Digital drawing program

Welcome to the wonderful world of cartooning!  This fun 4-week class lays the foundation of what it is to be a cartoonist and how to enjoy drawing cartoons for work and play.
You'll be introduced to developing your drawing techniques, deciding on art materials, and preparing your artistic understanding as a cartoonist. 
You'll also learn a fun history of cartoons as they link to different genres such as comic books, comic strips, animation, greeting cards, web games, book illustrations, and many others. 
From how to do it as a job, to simply how to draw a funny note for friend or family. . . this is the foundation class for the other classes taught at the Cartoonist Academy. 
Taught by Mike Kunkel.