MENTORSHIP Program - Limited Spaces Available


MENTORSHIP Program - Limited Spaces Available


This is for the 4 week/1-hour per week One-on-One ONLINE classes.
Here at the Cartoonist Academy, we offer a Limited Mentorship Program.  

Learning One-to-One from a Mentor is an age-old method of artistic training. It's goal is to help to progress your knowledge and path as a cartoonist. 

With this program, students will learn from a teacher on a weekly basis of in-class critiques and teaching. Training will be built around the student's skill level and artistic path.  

Personal attention to the instruction will help to grow you as a cartoonist and help to guide the journey you are seeking.  Design, storytelling, character creation, cartoon knowledge will all be explored through the Mentorship, along with an understanding of career paths and artistic potentials for cartoonists.  

 Space is very limited and students must interview and apply with sample artwork for this program. 

Instructor: Mike Kunkel

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