Through classes filled with inspiration, creativity, and fun . . .
you’ll gain the knowledge and training to help you on your creative journey.


We offer 8-wk classes and 1-day workshops for kids and adults.

Whether it is toward animated character design,
comics, illustration, toy design or greeting cards...

...our GOAL at the Cartoonist Academy is to create and inspire
a fun level of cartooning with professional level teaching.


And with beginner and advanced levels, there is always a fun class for everyone to join!

(prerequisite for all new students) 4-week course :
Welcome to the wonderful world of cartooning.  In this 4-week class, learn the basics and fun history of cartoons. You'll focus on preparing your artistic understanding as a cartoonist.   This is the foundation class for the other classes taught at the Cartoonist Academy.  Taught by Mike Kunkel.   ENROLL

Do you want to learn how to create and draw your own cartoon characters? Taught by Mike Kunkel. With demonstrations and examples, the course is designed to help    ENROLL

-CREATIVE STORYTELLING 1-DAY workshop course :
Inventing and telling stories can be fun! Come learn how to keep create them and stay inspired! Taught by Mike Kunkel.   ENROLL

-COMIC BOOK CREATION 8-week course :
Love comics? Ever wanted to make your own comic book?  Learn all the secrets of the trade and the "how-to" process to making your very own comic book come to life.  Taught by Mike Kunkel.

Animated TV Shows and Movies all are guided by the Storyboard process. Taught by Mike Kunkel.