The Cartoonist Academy story . . .

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Since he was a kid, Mike Kunkel dreamed of being a cartoonist.

 And he’s followed that dream for nearly 25 years as a Director, Story Artist, Character Designer, Animator, Writer and  Illustrator for such studios as Warner Bros, Nickolodeon, Cartoon Network, Sony Entertainment, Universal Pictures, DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Walt Disney Studios.

Mike’s published work has been nominated three times for the prestigious EISNER Awards and four Ignatz awards, and he is the creator of the two-time EISNER Award-winning comic book series "Herobear and the kid."
His designs in television have also won the ANNIE AWARD for Best Character Design in an
Animated Television Production.

Though he grew up wanting to be a cartoonist, there were no schools in his town of Thousand Oaks that offered cartooning classes.  So, Mike studied books from the library, read all the comics in the newspapers and voraciously watched cartoons on TV to feed his love for cartoons. 
He scribbled his own characters on homework pages for his teachers and shared comic strips and comic book stories with his friends and family on copy paper stapled together. 
He always wished that there was somewhere to learn to be a cartoonist and how to use it as a career. 
He dreamed of a place filled with cartoon inspiration, knowledge and training. 
A place created to help all ages discover a love for drawing
by teaching the craft and skills of cartooning.

So, after years of experience drawing characters and creating stories,
Mike set out to create a place that could inspire the next generation of cartoonists...

That place is The Cartoonist Academy.